King's Field I (Japan)
King's Field
Japan Release
Developer: FromSoftware
Publisher: FromSoftware
Director/Supervisor: Zin Naotoshi
Programmer: Hasegawa Eiichi
Artist: Watanabe Sakumi
Writers: Kimura Toshiya
Nishida Shinichiro
Composers: Endo Koji
Kono Kaoru
Series: King's Field: The Verdite Trilogy
Engine: The Sword of Moonlight
Platform: Playstation
Release: JP: December 16, 1994
Genre: Action RPG
Aggregator/Publication Score
Famitsu 30/40 [1]

King's Field known as King's Field I (Japan) in the West, is a first-person Action RPG developed by 株式会社FromSoftware and released in 1994. It is self-published by them in Japan. It was not localized in the West due to the Playstation not being made available globally until 1995, a year later. This is the first installation of the "Verdite Trilogy" following the quest of John-Alfred Forester to find his Father and uncovers a magical conspiracy by the current royal family.

It released solely for the Playstation entertainment system.



Development and Release

Promotional Materials

Memory card labels for King's Field series by FromSoftware for PlayStation.
A 'thank you' gift for sending in the questionnaire/survey card that came with the game.1

Promo booklet for FromSoftware games in 1997.2

Promotional brochure for FromSoftware games on PlayStation.3

Promotional calendar for 1998 from FromSoftware.4

Promotional calendar for 1999 from FromSoftware.5


1. | PlayStation Cross Review - キングスフィールド. Famitsu Weekly (in Japanese). Enterbrain (333): 22. 1995-05-05
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