Lyn Reinhardt (KFIII)

General Information:

From the writings of Alexander1:

"Lyn is an elf who, as a child, visited the castle with her father who was a traveling merchant. Her father went to the land of Garan to look for Promeus, but he never came back. If he still hasn't returned, she hasn't seen him in about ten years. She and I used to go on many walks in the King's Garden while I was visiting here. In fact, I think you two knew each other as young children! Do you remember her? Maybe when you meet her… I don't know what she's doing now, but she had always dreamed of going on great adventures and collecting rare treasures to bring home and sell. She was a splendid child."





Item Cost
Earth Herb 28G
Antitote 50G
Blood Stone 280G
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