Robert Shreve (KFIII)

General Information:

From the writings of Alexander1:

"I didn't know Robert very well, but he may be helpful at some point anyway, so I'll tell you what I know of him. He writes poetry and songs about historical events and, in the past, has worked closely with your father. He and Alfred were actually quite good friends before the transformation. This is one man who, I would expect, would never go back on his word. Oh ya', he also served as the King's Messenger for quite a while."

Key Items:

Gives the Forest of Varde Key


Robert is a colorful person, wearing blue under shirt and pants underneath a white tunic. He wears a yellow armband and a red headband around his long gray hair.


Just after the Barracks, preceding the Forest of Varde sitting on a stool and facing a grass wall.

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