Narrative (KFIII)

Japanese Opening Prologue (In Game):


Google Assisted Translation

Wrapped in a deep, dark forest and thick colorless fog is the country Verdite. After shaking off the demons and taking the throne. John Alfred was called the 'Holy King' and was greatly beloved.

Even when the Holy Sword was robbed, it was Prince Aleph who recovered it leading to a peaceful age.

But one day, the Holy King fell ill and when he recovered he was changed.

Aleph resolved to fight his best friend. But when he picked up the sword it broke in two and lost its' brilliance!

Aleph instead seals his friend within his castle and gathers four advisors to his side and bequeaths them pieces of the light. Aleph himself becomes a pure light mage. The Moonlight Sword glimmers a little, as though it has responded.

Eventually the light was cast from the sword to the castle sealing the castle and it's country. They were sealed together, and the voices of the people continued to echo heavily.

Aleph only had just enough power to stand up afterwards. Calling for the Holy King's son, Lyle, "By the time my seal is stuck down, you must receive the power of the four to save the country."

Without finishing his message… Aleph passes away.

Young Prince Lyle bears a heavy fate. 10 years have passed since Alpeh Sealed Verdite…


Japanese Good Ending Dialogue (In Game):

Good Ending Translation:

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The darkness that covered the earth disappeared. Yes, the sun is back in the world. Lyle makes out a mysterious voice in the light. "I was there"

"Golden Knight Lyle Forester, let me send my last words. Seath and Guyra were born from me after my disappearance, instead of the great power. People with little power gather and east of it. Create this world with all and make everyone responsible for it."

Eventually the people returned to Verdite. Lyle with the blessings of Ichrius, a peaceful country was built once more.

"The next king of Verdie has the right heart. Have and accept the blessings of Ichrius. As long as you are the golden king. This peaceful time will belong to eternity. "

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