King's Field IV: The Ancient City
King's Field IV
King's Field IV (JP)
Developer: FromSoftware
Publisher: JP: FromSoftware
NA: Agetec
PAL: Metro 3D
Director/Supervisor: Zin Naotoshi (Supervisor)
Yamada Rintaro
Yanagi Satoru
Programmer: Suzuki Takeshi
Artist: Ogawa Keiichiro
Composers: Saito Tsukasa
Series: King's Field
Platform: Playstation 2
Release: JP: October 4, 2001
NA: March 25, 2002
PAL: March 28, 2003
Genre: Action RPG
Aggregator/Publication Score
Famitsu 30/40 [1]

King's Field IV, known as King's Field: the Ancient City in the west, and known as King's Field IV: The Ancient City within the fan-base, is a first-person Action RPG developed by 株式会社FromSoftware. It is self-published by them in Japan, while it is published by AGETEC in the US, and [ INSERT PUBLISHER HERE ] in PAL Regions.

It is the only game in the King's Field franchise to not take place within the universe of Verdite and associated Kingdoms.



Development and Release

Promotional Materials

Promotional flyer for Evergrace 2 and King's Field IV by FromSoftware for PlayStation 2.1

Print ad for King's Field IV by From Software for PlayStation 2.2

Images from King's Field IV by FromSoftware for PlayStation.3


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